Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When We Forget What He Has Done

When I think of the children of Israel I think dumb dumb people. Not only did God send Moses to release you from captivity but you saw the sea parted and you walked right through it (Exodus 14:21). You ate manna that came straight down from heaven (Exodus 16:4) and come on your sandals lasted 40 years as you wandered in the desert. They despised the pleasant land; they did not believe his promise. They grumbled in their tents and did not obey the Lord. (Psalm 106:24-25) After all that plus more they forgot the God who saved them, who had done great things in Egypt (Psalm 106:21).

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What a picture of my life. Time after time God has intervened. He has provided my every need and yet when fear strikes I forget about what God has done for me.

Psalm 106 continues on with a long list of wrongs they committed against God and many times God delivered them even when they were bent on rebellion and wasted away in their sin (vs. 43). But God is patient with us. He desires our fellowship. He took note of their distress when he heard their cry; for their sake he remembered his covenant and out of his great love he relented. He caused them to pitied by all who held them captive. (vs. 44-46).

So what is it your facing today? Don’t doubt His mighty power. Don’t doubt his love for you. Sometimes days will be darker before you begin to see the light piercing through, but don’t lose hope and don’t grow weary. Don’t forget what He has done for you!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever (Psalm 107:1).

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