Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What if...

What if I took you on my journey of the last two months what would you see?

What if sleep came in batches of three hours through the night instead of a deep slumber?
What if dirty filled clothing and precious giggles were caused by mud puddles, snails, roll pollies and worms?
What if tears of frustration were brought on by tiny people called my children?
What if the housework is daunting with a means to no end?
What if the menu consisted of sandwiches for the umpteenth time?
What if relief came in forms of good coffee, a helpful husband, and an intriguing book?
What if a change in focus changed everything?
What if God used my weaknesses to make something beautiful?
What if I started each day releasing my fears, my worries, my drama, my weariness to God?
What if beautifully living was just that?
What if... 

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