Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crock Pot to the Rescue!

The last week has been exhausting to say the least. My husband had a wedding video shoot back in my home town (4 hours south) over Mother's Day weekend so we decided to make a mini trip out of it and spend Mother's Day with his mom and family. Unfortunately my husband got sick with some sort of crud so the trip was a bit wearing on him and then I got hit with something. Sigh. As soon as we got back home baby Chase went on a teething rampage plus fever. It never ends, but I know you all know that!

So what does one do to make life a bit easier? Well, I've taken my advice from this post and went double time with my crock pot. This morning I whipped up these pinto beans in one crock pot. I made a few adjustments of my own. I added fresh cilantro and two Knorr Chicken Bouillon cubes and I didn't add the jalapeƱo or cumin as suggested. In the second crock pot I put together a Chicken Enchilada Casserole. We had both of these for dinner tonight and they turned out great. My daughter who eats slower than molasses cleaned out her plate in a matter of minutes and even said, "Mommy you cooked good today!" Score!

Once I cleaned up dinner I went back to throwing a few things together so I could have a bit of breathing room tomorrow. In one crock pot I added a pork butt roast with some BBQ sauce. I'm making a double batch of pulled pork sandwiches. This will be for dinner tomorrow for the family and I'm also taking some to a friend who just had a baby. For breakfast in the morning I'm going to sit back and relax and let the slow cooker do the work with this oatmeal recipe here

Just writing this post made me tired! Off to bed I go! Hope you all have a good week and I hope you enjoyed the Efficient Mom Series. If you've missed it catch up by starting off here.
Sophia on Mother's Day.

Jack enjoying some swim time with our good friend Stephanie.

Had an early birthday celebration for Chase with Grandma & Grandpa!

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