Monday, May 5, 2014

The Efficient Mom Series: The Crockpot Investment

In my mind one of the greatest tools for a busy mom is the crock pot. Unless you just love to cook and the process that goes with it having a crock pot can save you so much time! I’m the primary cook in my home so I’m always trying to find ways to save my sanity in the kitchen. Today I want to share with you five ways utilizing the crock pot can be your best friend.

1. Search Pinterest for ideas
The Internet is just saturated with crock pot recipes especially Pinterest. Don’t spend money on cookbooks just search online and you’ll be surprised by all the goodness you'll find. If you don’t already have one make sure to create a Pinterest Board just for your crock pot cooking!

2. Make a Meal Plan and Grocery List
Before you just head to the grocery store in hopes ideas will come to you take time to plan out at least a weeks worth of meals. Use variety for crowd pleasing results. Don’t just make every meal a chicken meal there are soups, beef recipes, pasta, and the list goes on. You can use good old fashion paper and pen to write it all out or you can use apps like these ones here
3. Purchase two crock pots
This is not necessary but in the long run it can be a wonderful investment especially if you have a large family. There are so many sizes, styles, and features of crock pots on the market. I own two crock pots. One is plain and simple with just a Low and High setting that I purchased at HEB for $25 and the other one has the bells and whistles with it’s own timer that cost me about $40. What I love about owning two crock pots is one can be used for the main dish and the other for a side dish. 

4. Make Crock pot Cooking a Challenge
Sometimes I need a little push. One way I challenge myself is by seeing how I can make all my dinners with just a crock pot. 

5. Be Creative
If saving you time by using a crock pot isn’t enough to motivate you be creative with it by gathering a mom or two and doing a crock pot meal swap. This will not only encourage creativity but give you some variety. You can also make double the portion and freeze it for a future meal.

Don’t let that crock pot just sit in your kitchen cabinet. It’s a wonderful tool for the efficient mom and can most definitely save you some money. If you have no idea where to begin I've ended this post with a week's worth of crock pot recipes that are some of my family's favorite to help give you a head start. Make sure to visit my Pinterest Board for more ideas.  Catch a shorter version of this post here. Enjoy!


  1. I love using my crockpot! I think I'll pick up a second during all the "Back to College" sales. :)

  2. I love the 2 crockpots for keeping food warm at parties too! Love the ideas, Lora!

  3. I've used my crockpot a few times but I know there is more I could be doing with it (especially to help out my husband, the family cook!). Thanks for the tips. ;)