Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Inspires the Writer in Me

I don't know about most bloggers but my number one problem when it comes to blogging aside from finding the time is gaining inspiration on what to write next. If you haven't figured it out by now most of my writing is centered around how I see God in my everyday life and 99.9% of the time it's lessons I learn through parenting.

As a stay at home mom believe there are a million things I can write about because there's always a funny story to tell, a lesson to be told, or a fascinating insight but then there's also the everyday duties of life that entangle me and the unexpected happenings that leave me empty handed and unmotivated.

Someone asked me not too long ago how do you do it? How do you keep up with your blog? For one I don't write nearly as often as I'd like and two, writing is my passion and outlet. I do my best to make the time because writing is what fuels me and it's my little escape although it's never perfect and doesn't always happen.

I know a lot of bloggers set aside a designated time to plan out their posts for the week and some even further in advance. I haven't been that lucky to do that yet. Hopefully soon I can work a weekly date with my blog and planner but something always seems to stand in the way. So for now I just try to find bits and pieces of inspiration where and when I can get it. By the way if you are trying to start your own blog I'm not even close to being an expert but for my life, my season, and my family this is the only way I know how.

So today I wanted to share with you what inspires my blog writing. By the way I think these four things not only apply to bloggers but it can be implemented in your everyday life. If you're in a rut or stumped when it comes to "fill in the blank" take these simple principles and apply them to your life. Are you a real estate agent and lacking ideas or motivation? Maybe you have a 9 to 5 job and you're in desperate need of a "pick me upper" for your day? Whatever it is you're doing in life I hope these insights give you some ideas to make your daily journey a little bit more exciting.

1. New Scenery
I don't usually have the opportunity to go dream in regards to writing so desperate times call for creative moments! I've learned being outdoors gets the wheels in my brain turning so with kids in tow I'll head to the park with a lunch bag full of snacks. Just listening to the birds and enjoying the beautiful weather it's an escape from the realties of house work. Maybe for some a coffee shop is what your afternoon calls for, a walk at some beautiful trails, or even a jog to clear your mind. Home is usually where I can be found so changing up my scenery is always a nice treat to get the creative juices flowing. 

2. People
I'm a people person. People intrigue me. Sometimes coming across a new face or even an old friend with some good conversation is what ignites a blog post. So get out of your shell and meet someone new or pick up the phone and invite a friend over for coffee.

3. Events
Attending a birthday party, going out on a date night, or attending a conference are all ideas that could help inspire you. Pick out a moment from that event and write about it or capture every detail and share it with your readers. You'll be surprised by how some people want to go on that journey with you.

4. Reading
I'm a book worm. If I were allowed I'd buy more books than clothes! Reading takes you mentally to places that you won't always be able to visit. Not only does that allow for some creativity but just reading the way others write can help you with your writing.

So what boring routine do you find yourself in? What do you need to change up to bring you some inspiration? I'd love to hear what inspires you...

*The above pictures were taken at San Antonio's Mission San Jose.  I took them myself with my iPhone and edited them with the App VSCOcam.*

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