Monday, March 24, 2014

Lessons I've Learned from my Father

Earlier this month we celebrated my dad's birthday. I won't say how old he is in case he stumbles upon this post but I will say this, he's stronger than most young men I know (he's always working out), he's blessed with a full head of hair, and he and my mom were high school sweet hearts who had me at a young age... he's still young! 

His birthday had me thinking a lot about our relationship. Our relationship was not perfect but as I've grown up and matured I've valued our relationship more than ever which has led me to share with you all a few lessons I've learned from my father...

1. A great appreciation for music
My dad is a trivia junkie when it comes to movies and music which if you know me you now know where I get it from. One of the things I remember doing with my dad as a kid is playing song after song and singing at the top of our lungs. Neither one of us can sing but we sure enjoyed doing it. Dad introduced me to all his "oldies" and we spent time talking over lyrics to songs and what they meant to him. Thanks to him I can appreciate music. 

2. Work Hard
As long as I can remember my dad has always worked and worked hard. There were times growing up where he even had 2-3 jobs at a time just to make sure we had food on the table and a place to live. He was and still is no stranger to hard work and you rarely see the man resting! Thankfully a strong work ethic has been instilled within me.

3. Give Generously
My dad has always had a big heart and if he has something you need you can guarantee he'll make a way for you to get it. I've seen him give to the homeless, helped his family and kids financially, and it's extremely rare if you pay for your meal cause he'll always beat you to it. His big heart has taught me to give when you are able and to give generously.

4. Be organized
Believe it or not it was my dad growing up who was the clean freak and organizer, not my mom. Till this day he loves using a handwritten planner, he writes out his goals, likes things in order and in their right place. Yup...I am my father's child! 

5. Never Give Up
Another thing my dad and I shared was a love for competitive sports. The one sport I stuck to throughout junior high and high school was long distance running (cross country and track). Not only would dad take jogs with me when he was able to but his presence was always strong at any of my meets. After a few laps around the track I could hear his voice in the crowd cheering me on. It made me feel proud that he'd take time to see me after being in the office all day. He always knew what to say to me after a race and it was his words that would encourage me to do better.

Like I said we had our rough patches. I'm the oldest of five children so I'm sure navigating parenthood with a daughter wasn't always the easiest, but I'm sure glad we now have sweet memories to look back on, obstacles we've overcome, and a friendship that will last forever. Thanks to my dad I'm an independent, strong woman, who loves the Lord and has learned to fight the good fight.

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