Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Purse Organization

I hate shopping for a purse because I'm super picky! I'm petite in stature so finding a purse to fit all my stuff (and I have a lot) without it looking like a duffel bag is hard to do now at days.

 I'm not one to spend money on name brands so I usually scope out TJ Maxx or Marshall's until I came across a great deal on Vera Bradley's website the other day. I hate to say this but I'm usually not a fan of Vera Bradley either. Her prints are a little too busy for my taste but I came across a deal on a purse that was marked down to $42 (60% off). So I reconsidered and decided to do my homework. Another thing I never do is shop online because I want to "try out" a purse and feel it in my hands but I figured I couldn't let go of the deal.

 If you are an organized individual then you may want to consider Vera Bradely's Mandy Purse. It measures at 12" x 9 3/4" x 43/4" with  11" strap drop. It measured decent in size to me so I checked that off my checklist. It also has a recessed zipper closure that opens to reveal six interior compartments with a front slip pocket. One thing I was lacking in my last purse was a zipper. I hate not being able to close up my handbag for fear of stuff falling out. So I checked off zipper on my checklist. I read all the reviews on their website for the purse and it seemed great. I also came across this woman's website about her Vera purse that helped me in making my final decision.

For those who like the Mandy style but think the handbag is a little too big they also carry a smaller version called Little Mandy. The hardest choice I had to make was picking out the print and I was limited on choices since I was going after the ones in the Sale section. I hate to admit it but I'm usually pretty dull and boring when it comes to my color scheme. I usually wear a lot of black and grey but thanks to Spring I've gravitated towards more colors of pop! So I decided to go with Mandy in Provencal. I'm happy to say I'm very pleased with my new purse!

These are the two purses I've been using: black and tan. They both actually were pretty fair in size and I enjoyed both of them but my new planner and "mommy things" needed a bigger home.

So what do I carry in my purse and why did I need a bigger one?

Well first of all I purchased a new planner by Erin Condren that I absolutely treasure! It has become my go-to for all my calendar needs, shopping lists, note taking, etc. So of course I have to carry it around with me! I also have an iPad mini that is my best friend for several reasons. It's my library of books all packed into one, it is my bribing tool for my kids when they need entertainment, and also a great note taker when needed. On church days I like to carry a separate notebook for all my note taking. I know it's seems a little bit of overload but I like to keep things separate and organized.

I also carry my wallet, a bag full of colored Sharpie pens for my calendar, and a cosmetic bag with all my girly essentials. You can't see it but in the purses's compartments I carry my hand lotion, my phone, and my ear buds.

If we go out to a restaurant with the kids I also like to carry mini Play Doh for them to play with while we are waiting on our food. Let me tell you my bag looks like Mary Poppins! Surprisingly my bag is not heavy at all.

So what do you all carry in your purse? What do you have in there that you can't leave without? Do you have any purse organizing secrets? I'd love to hear your stories!

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