Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Fun Facts on Friday

My New Year’s resolution for living a healthier lifestyle has been all-consuming in a good way. My mind feels like it’s going to explode with the amount of information my brain is trying to process. All for good though! I have to confess my mentality on food and health was…we’re all going to die might as well die enjoying the food I ate. How selfish does that sound? Sure a big, juicy, and greasy burger tastes good in the moment but on a weekly basis I’m asking for some serious health issues and who suffers aside from me? My family. So I owe it to my family to do my best to research and educate myself the best I can on living a healthier lifestyle for all of us. Alright, I’m getting off my soap box now! :)

So welcome to Five Fun Facts on Friday! I thought that it would be neat to jot down five facts every week that I’ve learned (or still learning). Facts will range from food, places, people, and just about anything. 

#1 - Numi Organic Tea Rocks! Thanks to research done by Food Babe, you can read here about how some teas are not washed before being put into bags. Numi is organic and non-GMO certified and on top of that it’s yummy! I’ve had the Moroccan  Mint and Toasted Rice Green Tea.

#2 - Figured out what GMO means.
If you’ve shopped in natural food stores then you’ve seen some products bearing the label “GMO Free.” The acronym GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. For further study visit here

#3 - I’m officially addicted to Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz is now dvr’d  on my tv! The best time for me to watch tv is when I’m feeding Chase his bottle and rocking him to sleep. At those times I turn on the tv and catch up on an episode of Dr. Oz. His show is so informative and educational and I always learn something new!

#4 - My kids will eat just about anything!
I’m incredibly lucky that I don’t have picky eaters in my home! I’m learning that if I start incorporating all the good foods now my kids will hopefully adjust. A few things they’ve eaten without even flinching:
- instead of lettuce I added sprouts to their sandwich
- veggie burger
- green juices
- protein shakes
- kale chips
Two things I’ve learned are don’t make a big deal about it and don’t assume they won’t like something! 

#5 - The Cove Restaurant is Awesome!
If you live in San Antonio or you head this way in the near future please make sure to stop by and visit The Cove. The Cove is known for serving sustainable, organic and local food and on top of that it is finger licking good! I've had their Bison Burger, sweet potato fries, homemade ginger ale, and their fish tacos. The atmosphere is hip and there's something for everyone. They have a playground for the kids, plenty of outdoor seating, a fire on cool and dark nights, ping pong tables, projector screen tv's, indoor eating, and pet-friendly! 

Pardon all the healthy facts but that’s the road we’re on at the moment! Happy Friday! 

*The above products are my own personal reviews and opinions. I did not get paid for this advertisement. *

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