Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day #3 of My Juicing Journey

Okay everyone, today's post will be short and sweet because it's Sunday and it has been a long day, but I didn't want to leave you hanging about how Day #3 went.

I hate to say it but the juice cleanse is over! I was hoping to have more self control and discipline but I failed. I was hoping to make it to Day #7 but I just couldn't allow my grocery bill to rise to what could've easily been $250-$300!!! I hope I didn't fail those of you reading! If you are reading this and you decided to join me on Day #1 I hope you succeed to the end!

So what did I learn about all this? For one, I'm going to continue to juice I'm just not going to make it the only food I eat. I hope to incorporate juicing in our daily meals and snacks. Second, I need to plan better on the produce buying side of things. There has to be a cheaper way to do this so I'm going to continue to do my research. I probably need to make juices with fruits and vegetables that are in season.

This isn't a total loss for me. I lost 3 lbs! My handy dandy juicer that I fell in love with can also be used to make baby food and pasta so I'm going to get some more use out of it. Juicing led me to a desire to want to eat healthier so for that I'm thankful. My kids are not picky eaters (sigh of relief!). So for tonight's dinner I made them a mod podge of healthy treats: kale chips, goat cheese on crackers, zucchini bread, asian slaw, pickles, and cucumbers. My kiddos cleaned their plates!

So I'm going to keep on tracking! I hope you all continue to visit my daily adventures as I see God work in me and through me in my every day little life!

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