Monday, August 4, 2014

Lessons from a Two Year Old

The past few days my two year old has been walking around the house with a set of Ninja Turtle trading cards I found at a thrift store and a Buzz Light Year figurine. If we head out the door he’ll proudly pack them up in his back pack so they travel with him wherever he goes. He even sleeps with all his favorite things tucked under his blanket. If little brother grabs a hold of those things a blood curdling scream is soon to follow. It’s as though he can’t live without them. The objects seem completely random to me, but to him they are priceless pieces that are dear to his little heart. Something about those objects bring him comfort. 

What brings you comfort? We may not walk around with toys in our hands but we do have things that we feel we can’t live without because without it we don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s our phone or an iPad. Dare I say a game on one of those devices? Could it be your television, a person, money or a hobby? Personally, I enjoy all of those things. After a long day I like to sit in front of the television. On a bad day I’ll seek my husband’s comfort. None of those objects or people are bad until…..until you are placing them before our loving God. When it is all we think about or can’t seem to live with out it has become a problem.

So is there something you hold on to so tight you’ll try to fight God for it? It may sound silly but as adults we do the very thing my two year old does. I have to ask myself this very question a lot. I can get swept up in too much of something and my heart and time become divided. 

So what can you learn from a two year old today?

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