Monday, April 28, 2014

Pantry Nightmare finds a Perfect Solution

The Pantry can be a sight for sore eyes if not organized well. Thankfully I have a decent size pantry with a door so when weeks of disorganization pass me by I can always shut the door and hide the mess. The problem? I got tired of searching for that can of beans I knew I had laying around somewhere. 

One of the problems with organizing the pantry was I knew the way I’d like to organize it would cost me some serious bucks at The Container Store until one day I found a solution.  I visited a friend’s home who had some cute baskets she snagged at PierOne. I couldn’t believe it when she told me she paid $1 for a small basket and $2 for a large basket. Bingo! This could be the solution I’ve been searching for in my pantry! 

Although I never envisioned round baskets as the major solution, I envisioned more rectangular baskets, it was a cheaper solution for sure.

Sure enough I scoped out my PierOne and they were stocked with these guys!

Here’s a before picture of my pantry (don't be scared!)

Seriously...are most pantries this full??? I'm a bit embarrassed. Oh and a tip I found on Pinterest if you are needing more storage in your pantry, just buy an over the door shoe organizer and it works great for things like aprons, aluminum foil, straws, etc.So after about an hour of organizing and about $25 later (Yay!) here's what it looks like now.

One thing I want to improve on is making some sort of labels for each basket but for now this will do the trick. FYI, I did buy these about two weeks ago so I'm not sure if PierOne still has this great deal. Wish I would have posted earlier but a case of pink eye and a ear infection in my two year old left me worn out and unmotivated for a week.

Organized Shoe Hanger

So what's the moral of the story? You may not be able to get the dreamy organized pantry you want unless you are willing to fork out the money, but you can find easy and affordable solutions if you just keep your eyes open!

Happy Monday!


  1. Great idea with the baskets! And it looks so classy, like you don't even need a door to "hide" everything behind, I love it!!

  2. Pantry organization is tough for me! I am amazed at people that can keep their pantry nice and pretty and organized...

  3. That's awesome! My pantry needs some reorganization, but it's not high on the list. :) Dollar Tree has a large basket selection, also...but they don't look nearly as sturdy as the Pier One baskets! They would be great for toddler toys, too!

  4. Looks great! Hayley had to come over and do that to my pantry... I don't have the gift of organizing anything! haha