Monday, April 14, 2014

My Glam Filled Weekend

I'm attracted to details. I love it when people put thoughtful consideration into the "little" things. My eyes can't help but wander off to those things that are marked with beauty.

The other day I attended an event at my church held for all the women. It was an event meant to encourage and bless, to meet new people, and have fun doing it all with one another. Being new to the church I had no idea what to expect.

From the moment I hit the parking lot I felt like I was hitting the red carpet. A section of the parking lot was blocked off with tents and shimmering lights. It was just enough to let my mind wonder what would I find in those tents when the service was all said and done. When I entered the door I was greeted with lovely faces and head was spinning. Glamour and sparkle everywhere. My eye didn't know what to focus on next! I love that about an event. Careful attention to detail to wet your appetite for more! In the middle of the foyer were theses glittery lights that made me want to stand in the middle of it and have a photo shoot all to myself, lol!
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Villarreal

When I entered the sanctuary there were great big black and gold balloons and each seat had a mini bundt cake. Couldn't wait for the opportunity to devour it! 

Then worship began. The team did an amazing job ushering us into God's presence. One of my favorite songs right now has been Hillsong's  I Surrender, as they played this song it was just a powerful time for me personally to focus not only on the lyrics but on my journey since my move to the great city of San Antonio. 

After a few giveaways (sadly I did not win one) I learned about a ministry called Jesus Said Love. It is a ministry that exists to share Jesus with the women in the commercial sex industry. I'm so proud that our church reaches out beyond the four walls of the church! 
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Villarreal

Our pastor's wife Jannelle brought a powerful message about being ready. Here are a few points that I jotted down that I absolutely loved.

- Unearth what's in your heart.
- What are the things that you have inside of you? You are going to have to dig to unearth it!
- Are you going to be ready when the door opens?
- Your ministry is your God assignment!
- Be battle ready so you're not surprised!
- The devil is going to go after those who are kingdom minded.
- Determine your stance!
- Give yourself permission to make mistakes

I was so grateful to hear this message that focused on empowering us to be kingdom minded and ready for the battle. 

Remember the tents I mentioned earlier? Well the whole outdoor scene was transformed into one big girls after party! One tent had mini sliders and the other a french fry bar! In the background we were serenaded with an acoustic set. 
The Trio

A huge backdrop allowed for some selfies and group photo opportunities. 
Hayley Shannon & Yours Truly!

A lemonade bar with four flavors (mango, raspberry, pomegranate and pineapple) left me wanting more. If you ever do an event and need some mouth watering beverages look no more! 
The Lemonade Company

For $15 I nabbed a glammed up shirt with the words BOLD, our new name for our women's event. Score!!!
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth & Judy Dominguez

Overall I couldn't have been more pleased. I enjoyed some great girl time, heard a powerful message, made new friends, and I was pampered through the whole process. 

P.S. I finally did have that bundt cake and it was so moist and yummy I wish I could have eaten about 10 more! :)

So what did you do this weekend?

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  1. Love this! I just heard about Jesus Said Love last Monday night at one of our church events...nothing so glamorous, though. :)