Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Fun Facts On Friday

*The following products are all my personal opinions. I was not asked or paid by these companies to endorse their products.*

If you are new to reading Five Fun Facts on Friday it is simply a list of "fun" facts I've compiled throughout my week. It ranges from food, products, and all kinds of randomness! Enjoy.

1. Wolfgang Puck Coffee
Thanks to my husband I now have my favorite coffee stocked up. I am a fan of HEB's Taste of San Antonio, but I LOVE Breakfast in Bed by Wolfgang Puck! The only place I've seen it  sold is at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Lisa Leake's blog 100daysofrealfood has supplied me with recipes for the last two weeks. I'm not too fond of baking partially because I'm not a huge sweets person but I needed an easy go-to breakfast meal so I found this recipe. Zucchini bread with yogurt and fruit; now that's my kind of breakfast! This one is a whole wheat version. I liked it, but it wasn't as sweet as what I'm accustomed to. I think next time I may add some raisins for some sweetness. Don't get me wrong it still tastes great so I recommend it. Double the recipe and freeze one so you'll have it ready for a rainy day!

3. My Favorite Apps Right now
I use my smart phone a lot and for a variety of reasons. It's completely amazing what you can accomplish now with just one gadget! Below are a few apps that I'm in love. Nothing new to you tech geeks!

- VSCOcam: I love editing photos and this one is usually my go to app. Here's an example of some before and after pictures. The app is also free! Follow me on Instagram and you'll see how I use VSCOcam for my photos.

- Rhonna Designs: On top of editing photos I love adding quotes and designs that uplift and inspire. It costs $1.99 and very much worth the price. Here are a few things I've done through this app. 

- Yoga Studio: For those who've been itching to try yoga but you can't afford the membership this app is a neat tool. It provides video of classes with music. You can do ready-made classes for all levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced, or you can even create your own class. If you know nothing about yoga that's ok. This app also provides a visual of poses. Another great thing about this is you don't have to be in front of the "pros" you're in the convenience of your home. This app costs $2.99.

Maybe I'm a little slow but I just "stumbled upon" this website (he he). This is like Pinterest for blog lovers! It's also a bit like Spotify. Based on certain subjects you like to read about StumbleUpon will show you a website and you can "like" or "dislike" it. Based on your "likes" it will start narrowing down what it thinks you'll enjoy. You'll also be able to "save" to lists and share on social networking sites. Pretty neat if you ask me!

5. Natural Way's Organic Sambucus for Kids: Elderberry
I wrote a post about herbal remedies for kids. If you missed it you can read it here. My little one, thankfully, is close to complete health! After that post a friend of mine told me she used this Elderberry syrup for her kids and her child responded well. I immediately went out and bought it at our health store and bam, wonders! (Note: I am not a physician; please consult your doctor before using.)

Happy Friday Friends!

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