Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Fun Facts on Friday

Without further ado….here are five fun facts from my little world.

1. Thrift Store Madness

Thrift stores can be both good and bad. Good, because you can find all kinds of great things at some really good prices. Bad, because well I have a tendency to want to visit 2-3 times a week. 

Well this cold weather tends to paralyze me and in return I want to stay home and do nothing. Bundling up the kids and loading everyone up in the car turns into a two hour process and sometimes brings me to near tears. I finally had enough of being held hostage in my own home and it warmed up to 60 degrees so I decided to visit  a nearby thrift store called Thrift Town. 

Boy am I glad I made that little trip because I came home with $30 worth of some exciting treasures. The most expensive thing I bought was $2.99! I bought both Sophie and Jack a few items of clothing. I also found a Dora Memory game that I thought would be a good family night treat. I also found some great activity books for Sophie. I’m always on the hunt for these things! She loves learning and doing activities. My favorite….a cook book by the Pioneer Woman for $2.99! My items ranged from $.29-$2.99. I couldn’t have been happier!

2. Tea Mania
A while back I mentioned that Zulily was having a sale on Numi Organic Teas. I took advantage of this deal and bought a 3 pack of their assorted collection for $13. I’m loving the variety. The assortment has Green Teas like Jasmine Green and Mate Lemon. It also offers Black Teas like Early Grey and Golden Chai. Pu-erh Teas like the Chocolate Pu-erh and Cardamom are some of my favorites. There’s also White Tea and Herbal Teasans. What I absolutely love is there is a variety from no caffeine, medium caffeine, and high caffeine so you have some great choices to pick from.

After reading a post from 100daysofrealfood I fell in love with this idea so much I went on Amazon and bought two packages. I’m happy to say we’ve already experimented with these and absolutely love them! They are easy to use and clean. Gear up for spring and summer with these and you won’t be disappointed. Here's a recipe we’ve already tried.

4. Yoga is my new friend
If you’ve been reading my posts and you follow me on Instagram then you already know about my new affinity with yoga. For one, I love that my YMCA offers yoga classes so I can drop off my kids in their child care program and be in bliss for two whole hours! Second, it is a great workout. I do a fitness yoga so I’ve woken up sore but it is completely worth the pain. I also love how we focus on our breathing, flexibility, stretching, and balance all in one session.

5. Super Bowl Sunday is Near
I love watching football. Not so much college, my apologies to all the fans. This Sunday my family and I will watch the game and eat some great food while enjoying the company of others. I’d also like to add that my hubby had the incredible opportunity to do a commercial for IDEA public schools with NBA legend, David Robinson (GO SPURS). The commercial will be aired at some point during the Super Bowl but it will only air in the RGV. So for all my friends in the RGV be on the lookout! FYI, any other commercials you may have seen he’s done those too but this one is special due to the fact he got to meet a legend. My husband won’t brag about it so I will. :)

Well there you have it friends, my fun facts on Friday! Have a good weekend! 

*The above products and business are my own personal reviews and opinions. I did not get paid for this advertisement. *

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