Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Fun Facts on Friday

Today I had the incredible and fun opportunity to meet up with other fellow bloggers. Thanks to Colleen Pence, social media mentor and founder of San Antonio Mom Blogs, she opened up the doors for me to get to know some other bloggers. We chatted about parenting, schooling, and of course blogging, over cups of coffee and tea at the Green Vegetarian Cuisine. It was my first visit to this restaurant so of course I had to try their food. I had the Apple & Raisin Omelet and it was yummy!

I wish I had each of these ladies for an hour to myself! There was just so much information to learn from and I enjoy learning about people's lives too. I was just completely stoked to meet some other moms who have my same passion for writing. I'm looking forward to future gatherings with these ladies! Wish I took pictures with these gals but of course my camera tends to capture food!

I had the chance to meet these great ladies. When you get a chance check out their blogs!

Kristina Nunez - Hott Mama In the City

Melanie Mendez Gonzales - Que Means What

Claire - The Half-Hearted Housewife: Love Means Never Having to do the Dishes

Barbara Hamilton McNeely - Mariposa Naturals

Denise F.B. Richter - San Antonio Tourist

Lisa Branam - A Little Slice of Life

Lilliana Gonzalez - My Tots Travel

Tanvi Ashish Rastogi - Tanvii

Amy Johnson - Maker Mama

Okay so there were more than five fun facts this Friday. I just introduced a whole lot of fun blogs for you to catch up on over the weekend. Happy Friday Friends!

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