Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Treasures to Give

In my mother-in-law’s dining room sits this beautiful massive hand-crafted cabinet. The design work on it is impeccable. The solid wood furniture’s original purpose was a wardrobe cabinet. This piece of furniture was built by my husband’s great-great-great grandfather. My mother-in-law now uses it as a china cabinet. It holds dainty little tea cups and saucers and beautiful china pieces. The cabinet has been in the family for almost 200 years now! I love it. I love the history of it.

It got my wheels turning just thinking about what do I have to offer my children that would be a treasure to them. Something they could marvel on for generations to come. I don’t own anything nearly as beautiful as that cabinet and nothing of real significance, but the one treasure I do have that could be passed on is Christ. My how I’d love to leave that legacy behind.

Both my husband and I have had the privilege to travel the world and in those times we both journaled. My husband has notebook after notebook of his thoughts he journaled while living in Africa for three months. The testimonies and truths the Lord shared with him all captured in tiny books. For a month I lived in Thailand working with an orphanage filled with children who either had HIV/AIDS or their parents did. It was my special place. Thailand taught me to love others more than myself. In those days I had no cell phone, iPad or computer so communication was rare so my quiet times with the Lord were beautiful. I will cherish the photos I took and the journals I wrote in. 

My husband and I may not have riches to leave our children. At least not the riches known to mankind but what a lovely gift to give them Christ and the story on our journey of how we got there.

*For those of you who are inspired to journal I recommend visiting the website of The Redheaded Hostess. She shares her ideas on how she made her own scripture journals to pass onto her children.*

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