Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Fun Facts on Friday

With Mother’s Day being next month I thought I’d do my part by doing some research on what would be a thoughtful gift to give that special mom in your life.

 A month away seems like eternity to most people but with the hustle and bustle of life who wants a gift that was thrown together last minute? Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for the flowers, jewelry, etc. but I’m one of those who actually likes a gift that had love and thought put into it so this is a short helpful guide for what I thought would be some neat ideas to get you working towards. Don’t worry mates I’m working on some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that would come from the little ones! So stay tuned!

I doubt my audience of readership is men but hey you never know! If you are a man and you’re reading this I hope this is helpful to you. If you feel lost, uncreative or no idea where to start maybe you can recruit the help of a sister or aunt or your own mom to help you with the process. Ladies, no shame on forwarding a link of this post to the man in your life as a *hint hint.* I know my husband actually appreciates the “hints” he hates starting with a blank slate. 

I know there are so many creative ideas out there but I thought I’d start with five since it is Five Fun Facts on Friday!

1. For the Sentimental Mom/Wife in Your Life: Kid Portraits 

It may take work and you’ll have to be sneaky but a gift of portraits of your kids may just bring her to tears! I happen to know a great photographer ;) so if you are interested visit his website to schedule your portraits! You can always do a follow up with a family portrait but this would be neat for her to not stress over outfits and hair and just enjoy the byproduct!  

On that same trail….One of the best gifts my husband, the photographer, gave me was a  40 page book of our kids with photos he took throughout the year. I treasure that book! Now at days with everything digital it is so rare you come across a photo album or scrapbook. My hubby used this website and they do a really neat job at a reasonable price.
Front Cover
Inside of the book

I've never used this company but if you are an Instagram junkie this may work for you!

2. For the Foodie Mom/Wife in Your Life: Food Tour 

About four hours will be needed to make this an event she won’t forget! Combine food with the River Walk, History, and Architecture in San Antonio and you’ve got a real win! Visit here for more details. Make the reservation, book a sitter and the two of you can enjoy a great day! 

3. For the Everyday Mom/Wife in Your Life: In Home Spa  

I’ve always wanted to do an all-day Spa where I’m being pampered and relaxed but who wants to spend $500!? I know it won’t be the exact same but trust me she won’t complain if you follow every step below! 

- take the kids somewhere for 3-4 hours 
- set it all up for her so she doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy: buy her bath soaks, lotions, bubble bath, etc. 
- set up candles all throughout the bathroom 
- a touch of rose petals laid out 
- buy her a book she’s been wanting to read in fact you can even go the extra mile and get her one of these sweet little bags 
- you can buy her one of these and she can get a good foot soak in and use it for other days to come
- you can also buy her a nail polish or two with a manicure kit. 
- if she doesn’t have a robe you can even buy her a soft or silky one 
- top of that little adventure with a bottle of wine, a plate with cheese, crackers and fruit and I think you’d be Husband of the Year! 

4. For the Decorator Mom/Wife in Your Life: Canvas Art  

I’m a fan of Erin Condren’s products and her website offers Canvas Art! You can find options here or try Etsy for a one of a kind unique art! 

5. For the Romantic Mom/Wife in Your Life: What I love about you book 

My husband got me one of these one year. Not this exact one but same concept and it was so sweet and thoughtful reading through how he felt about me. Some parts even made me cry! This one is a good start or you can make your own. My husband got mine at a Hallmark store you may be able to find one through there too.
Hallmark's hard cover version
The first page of the book

Alright well hopefully this is a good start for you all! Start dropping the hints now! ;)

Happy Friday!