Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ask the How and the Why

Too often we ask the "how" without the "why."

I recently started reading a leadership book on church growth. I'm not a pastor or on staff at a church but the subject of leadership intrigues me. I'm a leader. I lead my home daily. The little people who follow me may not have a choice in the matter but I do lead them.

The introduction of the book grasped my attention because this principal of asking the "how" with the "why" can be applied to our daily lives.

I have a four year old and she asks an insane amount of questions. If I'm honest there are moments where I want to close the conversation as rapidly as possible so my answers are short and sweet sprinkled in with a few uh huhs. But this thought of giving her a reason, giving her a why is important because it continues to generate curiosity and understanding. I'm doing her an injustice when I cut the conversation short.

On the other spectrum it had me thinking too about how I ask other moms questions about parenting or blogging or whatever the subject may be. There is power in asking why we do the things we do not just how we do them. Knowing the why empowers us for growth. What's the principal behind the policy? Have we focused more on methods instead of motives? Actions rather than attitudes?

Don't fear the why. 

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