Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Fun Facts on Friday

Here are a few of my favorite things lately, five to be exact...

#1 - My Magic Cleaner
An episode on the television show Shark Tank won me over on this one. Better Life's natural all-purpose cleaner. The cleaner was created by two dads. One is a top formulation chemist and the other is a strong believer in a cleaner, greener world. It is safer and more effective cleaner that cuts through grease and grime. I spotted this 32oz baby at my local Sprout's Farmer's Market for $5.99

#2 - 100 Days of Real Food Website
I love this blog! It's the story of one family's journey who seeks out real food in a real processed food world. Available until January 27th only you can purchase "Real Lunches, Real Easy" a 6-Week school lunch meal plan for just $9! I recently purchased my E-Guide and I can't wait to use my kids as little guinea pigs. I don't know about you but seeking lunch recipes are always the hardest for me. I hate reverting to PBJ's and turkey sandwiches; I like variety in my menu. It is extremely well laid out and I love supporting other mommy bloggers!

#3 - Plant Fusion Protein
Without fail every night before bed my kids always sing the same song, "mom I'm hungry!" I read once that children typically have to eat snacks in between meals because their stomachs are small and can only hold in so much food. I hated always scratching my head trying to figure out what to feed them that was quick and easy. Behold, Plant Fusion Protein in chocolate flavor! I give them a cup of this with a piece of fruit and it works like a charm! It is free of all major allergens and it tastes yummy too! I bought mine at our local Sprout's Farmers Market for $21.99 and lucky for me they had all vitamin products at 20% off.

#4 - Scrumptious Vegetable Lasagna
Food Babe has me on cloud 9 with recipes. So much to try with so little time. The other day we had a family over for dinner who have been on a vegetarian journey for three years now. Thanks to Food Babe's Vegetable Lasagne with No Noodles I hit a a home run with this one. This is a must try!

#5 - Ayurvedic Cures for your biggest health complaints
This here and here of Dr. Oz was extremely interesting. The ancient healing practice that treats your body type! They read my body type to a "T." I haven't tried the treatment yet but I'm sure you'll hear about it in a future blog post!

Happy Friday Friends!

*The above products are my own personal reviews and opinions. I did not get paid for this advertisement. *

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