Monday, November 25, 2013

My Little Imitators

With her little hands pressed on her lap she called for Jack to come over. Sensing his hesitancy she said, “Jack come here right now,” in an all too familiar tone. She even pointed her tiny little finger to the rug and said it again, “right here; now please.” Out of curiosity I sat back and just watched. She didn’t even skip a beat. She told her brother how he needed to poop in the potty like a big boy, how he needed to listen to mommy and daddy, and then she said, “come here; give me a big hug.” I was shocked by Jack’s response the entire time she was speaking he stood there just listening. No grunting tones came out of his mouth and he even hugged his sister back. 

It was a proud mommy moment for me. Seeing Sophia blossom into a sweet big sister. A little too bossy at times but none the less, sweet. What surprised me though was her tone and mannerisms; they were mine. She was imitating me. What’s even more scary is I’ve seen her imitate my bad side too. It’s very humbling. My kids are growing up to be mini versions of my husband and I. At this point because they spend a majority of their time with us their only representative of Christ is us. 

Ephesians 5:1 in the English Standard Version says, “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.”

So my personal challenge as a parent is just that. I hope that in my pursuit to be more like Christ my children will too. I will fail at times. I will have moments where I will need to apologize to my children. But I pray that my little imitators will grow to be mighty and strong in the Lord with a little bit of their mom and dad. 

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  1. It's amazing how our children do pick up our tones, mannerisms, ways of acting. As you said, it's humbling. And important for us to pay attention to!