Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Idol Family Update

For those who don’t know, my family and I moved to San Antonio about 2 months ago. Although we miss family, friends, and our home church back in the Rio Grande Valley we sure do enjoy the benefits of living in a large city with lots of fun things to do. Lately I’ve been posting about my daily lessons with The Lord but I wanted to give you all a quick update on what has happened in the last two months.

We came to San Antonio with three of our furry friends: Penny, Cocoa and Sugar and unfortunately about one week into our move Penny ran away. We were very sad especially since she’s been a part of our family for about 8 years. We hope another family is being blessed by our sweet little chihuahua and that she’s not running out in the big city alone. 
My parents and my siblings live in San Antonio too so it has been nice to have them around. Growing up my dad worked long hours and although he’s still working hard he has Saturdays off so we’ve enjoyed “family days.” We’ve visited nearby towns, theme parks, great attractions, and eaten delicious food. I also have one niece and two nephews who live here so my kids have had some great cousin time. 
My husband Mitch, has been blessed with some wonderful opportunities. He got a job with IDEA Schools working as a photographer for them. He takes amazing pics by the way! Here’s just a few he’s taken since we’ve been here. 

 He also has his real estate license and has been working with Remax Realty Advantage. Both jobs offer him flexibility which means lots of family time.

I’m still a stay at home mom. Sophia just turned four this month. Jack just turned two a few days ago and sweet baby Chase is five months old and growing like a weed. These kiddos definitely keep me busy and I love it, but I’m also grateful for outlets like my blog that keep my passions burning and keep me sane! This is definitely not a flattering picture of myself but it does a good job of portraying my everyday life! 

We love the home we are renting! It’s in a quiet neighborhood and so close to great restaurants and just a walk away from a YMCA. 
We feel so blessed that The Lord has guided our steps and we are enjoying our new home in the city of San Antonio. Thank you to all of our friends and family who have been praying for us and keep in touch. 

With much love,
The Idols

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